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Welcome to Akamai Data Solutions

You may know us as DataCraft, Inc.  We apologize for the confusion as we change our name to  Akamai Data Solutions.  This is due to our plans to begin marketing in the US mainland in 2015 and that will cause a trade name conflict with the DataCraft operating there.

Here at Akamai Data, we pride ourselves on our ability to personalize every detail of the processing of your marketing data so that you can get your data the way you really want it, not the way your vendor's software says you can have it.

Our processors literally look at thousands of your records to discover the idiosyncrasies and data issues that prevent our competitors from providing you truly customized and accurate processing.Our clients include Hawaii’s largest firms ranging from advertising & marketingfinance, insurance, tourism, direct mail and non-profits to government agencies. And we are pleased to say that our creative problem solving and personal approach has earned us their repeat business year after year.

Please take a moment to discover the services we offer that can make your projects run smoother and provide greater returns.


National Change of Address

Meet US Postal move update requirements to qualify for postage discounts with our 18 or 48 month NCOA service.  

This is a "win-win" for you and the USPS.  It saves  you money by reducing wasted mail

List Cleanup

Improve responses, reduce complaints with:

Name and Address Cleansing,
Deceased Flagging,
Flexible deduping system,
Quick and customizable processing.


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Grow Your Business with Direct Mail

As list brokers we can provide you with a variety of lists including generic Occupant lists, demographics lists as well as business lists.

Hawaii political candidates – Check out our Akamai Voter page for lists of registered voters.


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